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Company Website: Sanpower Group

Sanpower Group is a multi-national conglomerate which consists of five subsidiary sector-groups: Finance & Investment, Retail & Trading, Information Services, Medical & Health Care, and Real Estate. The Group owns a diverse portfolio of listed companies including Hiteker, Nanjing Cenbest, IDT International, Mecox Lane and Jinpeng Yuankang as well as key privately held enterprises such as Hisap, Funtalk Telecommunications, Hirealty, Guangzhou Jinpeng, China Newsweek,, Cnshangquan, House of Fraser (UK), Brookstone(US), and Natali (Israel). The Group has controlling stakes in more than 100 subsidiaries and has an 85,000-strong global workforce.


Sanpower's expertise:

1. Innovative Design and R&D Resources


Brookstone B-Labs provide in-house Design, Engineering and Quality Assurance services for the makers, the product design across all categories from “cut and sew” to complex audio and electro - mechanical products, the B-Labs team combine industrial designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, project managers, and a quality assurance engineers.

2. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Resources


The company’s in-house creative and product development team seamlessly blend technological innovation and design excellence. In 1988, IDT International Limited was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 167). The Group’s centralized manufacturing facility is located in Xixiang, China, about 50 miles north of Hong Kong. Spread over 3000 sq metres, the Xixiang Facility consists of over 3,000 staff including 250 R&D members.


Sanpower Sourcing Group (SSG) is a supply chain company that specializes in sourcing and logistics services. It is headquartered in Shenzhen and is also one of the main worldwide suppliers for Brookstone.

3. Global Offline Channel Resources



In 2014, Sanpower joined e­orts with Sailing Capital and GE Capital to purchase American electronics retailer, Brookstone. No other company is more synonymous with a unique selection of high-quality novelty electronics than Brookstone. Founded in 1965 in Peterborough, New Hampshire Brookstone has grown from a mail-order retailer, to a multi-channel electronics retail powerhouse with over 300 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. Brookstone commands a large national footprint with locations in many of America’s luxury department stores/malls, as well as in some of the nation’s busiest airports. Sanpower intends to leverage its retail presence in China and the UK as well as to introduce novelty products to the Chinese market so as to allow Brookstone to enter new markets and continue to expand its retail network.


Established in 2000, Hisap expanded nationally to over 200 cities as it grew to become one of China’s largest IT retailer. Hisap ranks 20th in China's Top 100 Retail Chain Businesses. Since its establishment, Hisap has adhered to its principal promise of “creating value for our customers”, in a way that promotes “harmony, order, professionalism, and trust”. Hisap has systemized and standardized its delivery of this promise to its customers and in doing so has “become the most valuable provider for consumer electronic products and services”


Founded in 2003, Funtalk Telecommunications is China’s largest telecommunications products retailer. Funtalk’s retail network can be found in 230 cities across 26 provinces nationwide. e telecommunications chain has a 15,000-strong workforce that operates over 2,000 retail outlets—leaving a 200,000 sqm. retail footprint. e company has an average weekly customer foot trac of 1.6 million customers and a 20 million registered-user member-network.


Oregon Scientific, specializes in Smart Living electronics – a category that seeks to improve customer living standards. As such, Oregon Scientific has a complete selection of smart products such as Smart Globe, smart Bracelets and portable meteorological instruments. .etc. Besides flagship stores in Hong Kong & Milan, the brand are distributed globally include US, Europe & Asia.


Established in 1849, House of Fraser (HOF) is one of the UK’s most venerable retail brand. As such, it is one of the only three UK department stores to ever earn the Royal Warrant distinction from the British royal family. With over 17,000 employees, HOF operates over 60 stores across the UK and Ireland. HOF’s strength is attributable not only to its remarkable sales volume but also to its three-pronged product strategy that includes high-margin own bought products and HOF house brands which highly improved its overall profitability.


Hamleys , well known as the biggest Toy store in the world and has been treated as one of the key sight seeing locations for tourist in London. ‑e store has visited by over 5 million tourists every year. You can find in the store almost every toy you have in mind, from checkers game to high tech Robot.


Founded in August 1952, Nanjing Cenbest is one of China’s 10 largest department stores and is Nanjing’s first listed commercial enterprise. Cenbest is parent to two brands, “Xinjiekou department store” and “Oriental Fraser” . Xinjiekou Department store is a middle-high market-positioned department store brand featuring a collection of fast fashion & premium brands. ‑e retail venue targets younger customers in the middle-upper market segment. Cenbest operates several subsidiary Xinjiekou department stores in various cities, such as Nanjing, Wuhu and Huainan.

4. Global Online Channel Resources

145923221713294936.png is a leader in Chinese online to offline (O2O) internet commerce. Ocially launch in March of 2010, Lashou integrates online marketing/ purchasing with traditional oine consumption. By providing a vast group of diverse consumers with discounted promotional deals according to their respective interests, the company facilitates targeted marketing solutions for a wide variety of businesses. Currently have over 80 million of network & mobile users, contract tenants around 100K.


Developed in 2008, is China’s first luxury fashioin ecommerce platform that deals with leading international apparel & bags brands. Meici has introduced a variety of premium services in respect to the service concept of “Enjoy, Easy, Luxe” and laid the foundation for the development of China’s luxury e-commerce market. For years, it has been a leader within the industry. Meici plans to fully develop the vertical segments of the internet with support from Sanpower group’s abundant resources.


It is a local O2O retail and ecommerce company. Based on the rich experience in operating the e-commerce and system development throughout the years & its research on oine business operations, the company has established an entirely brand new O2O business model and created a cloud platform. It o­ers resources sharing with high eciency on ecommerce retailing and provides a set of end-to-end services such as business collaboration, interactive selling and marketing, logistics , after sales services…etc.


Mecox Lane Limited ( NASDAQ : MCOX) was established in China in 1996, a leader to o­er health, beauty and lifestyle products and services through membership marketing. ‑e company was listed in NASDAQ in October 2010 with reputation of being number one listed company in China B2C ecommerce industry. It has been the pioneer as multi channel retailer in China. ‑e company remains focused on providing health & beauty products and expanding its mobile & social networking reach, with a goal of becoming a leading retail brand and trusted provider of wellness and related lifestyle products and services across three major categories : Nutrition, skin care and household for its wide range of customers. ‑e company currently has over 10 million members.