Alan Kwok
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Company Website: Element Lab

Personal Profiles:

More than 30 years in mechanical and engineering related job experience. Lots of experience worked between startup company to bring their concept initial modelling to mass production in reasonable short period.

  • Resources management
  • Mechanical engineering experience
  • Material selection
  • Strong knowledge of machinery process
  • Trouble shooting of product failure
  • Knowledge of injection tooling structure
  • Knowledge of stamping tooling structure
  • Qualify supplier capability
  • Good communication skill with cross over department
  • Able to work under pressure and independently
  • Well communicate skill and multi-national cultural experience

ABOUT Element Lab:

Element Lab Intl is a ShenZhen based product development consultancy founded to bring startup hardware products from concept to consumer rapidly & efficiently.

Our team has Strong Communication Skills, Team Spirits & Result Oriented. With over 20 years Project Management and Product Development delivers quality results to clients needs. We are also experienced in Company System Setup , Project Flow from Concept to MP, Startup Program Mentoring and Forward Thinking.

Take Action:

We partner with startup companies, helping them successfully launch their hardware products, by reducing time to market, reducing cost to market and ensuring quality product to market.