Akshay Sharma
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Company Website: NanoWE Inc.


Akshay Sharma is an Indian entrepreneur, inventor and marketer best known as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NanoWE, Inc. He strongly believes in accelerating growth, his venture is a clear reflection of his passion for inspiring, leading and creating impact. He is a first generation entrepreneur.

The bug of entrepreneurship bit him in his early college days when he started sketching mechanical drawing sheets and selling them for INR 40 each. He helped in shaping the careers of many of his colleagues, when he was the president of the Entrepreneurship Cell. He dropped out from college after the death of his father and talked this decision over with his mother, who was supportive of him after seeing how much he wanted to start a company. Akshay Sharma believes in karma, and on a free day one can find him speaking to the young people, mentoring and inspiring them to lead the change.


NanoWE®, founded in 2011, is an American corporation that was started with an aim to commercialize nanotechnology. We are now entering the consumer electronics market by designing, developing and selling products based on advanced research. Small is the next big thing and we’re introducing it in 2015!

We have come a long way bootstrapping from a college dorm room and garage. Today NanoWE has presence in USA, Asia and Europe.