Adam Kell
Adam Kell
Portfolio Director at Comet Labs
San Francisco, United States
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Company Website: Comet Labs

Comet Labs is a venture fund focused on helping B2B intelligent machine startups scale,We invest capital, and provide resources that accelerate the product and customer development cycles -- resulting in a shorter time to paying customers. Our portfolio companies build both platform technologies, as well as industry-specific solutions. We invest in 1 - 2 companies per month and have the infrastructure to rigorously support these investments over the companies' lifetime.


Intelligent Capital for Intelligent Machine Startups

Comet Labs invests up to $300k of capital into startups building intelligent machine platforms and solutions. Our capital partners view Comet Labs as a strategic, value-add investor.

Our Partners, Your Customers

Comet Labs provides a structured relationship with corporate partners to get actionable product feedback and accelerate the customer development process. We have partnerships across industries such as healthcare, logistics, food and beverage, and agriculture.

Labs, to Help You Build Better

Comet Labs runs the Comet Factory Lab, among other labs, to offer prototype development, project management, and small batch contract manufacturing, to portfolio companies.

Technology to Help You Build Faster

Industry needs help adopting new technologies. Comet Labs’ technology partners have modular layers that can be applied on top of existing solutions, to increase the market appetite. These include: facial recognition, natural language processing, voice and image recognition.

Industrial-scale Datasets

Intelligent machines are only intelligent because they learn from a lot of training examples. Our partners have massive sets of high-quality, context-specific data, and a need for new solutions.

Experience-refined Strategy

Our curated mentors come from backgrounds in investing, B2B sales, robotics and machine learning, executive and operational industry roles and experienced startup founders. Our narrow focus on B2B intelligent machine companies and platforms allows our mentor network to have deep value-add.

An Environment for Collaboration

Portfolio companies are invited to work from our office space for up to 6 months alongside some of the best teams building B2B intelligent machine solutions. In many cases, founders who have already worked through challenges give the most valuable feedback.

Talent Worthy of Joining Your Team

Comet Labs helps portfolio companies find the people they need to take them to the next level. Whether it be software and hardware engineers or business people, we have access to the best recruitment channels.




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