Action Liu
Action Liu
Superior Engineer at Chenming Mold Ind. Corp
Dongguan, China
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ABOUT Chenming Mold Ind. Corp. (UNEEC):

Chenming Mold Ind. Corp. (UNEEC) is one of the major global OEM/ODM manufacturers in principal mechanical parts. Having established headquarters in Taiwan, Chenming has developed a global logistic operation system by expanding its global sites to include operational bases in Asia, thus providing Chenming's global customers with prompt and flexible services. Chenming is able to satisfy the project commitments with its customers due to its solid R&D and years of expertise in the industry. Uneec enclosure bring technology innovation to life Starting from 1976, Chenming has been striding across press mold manufacturing with its professional manufacturing technology and solid R&D team to the information computer industry. In 1985, Chenming started producing computer subsystems and developed to the current scale. Today's Chenming has been leading the industry with its excellent performance, establishing a very good reputation. Chenming manufactures its desktop, server, and notebook subsystems with good quality and large quantity, and further moves forward to Chenming's vision -- "Uneec enclosure bring technology innovation to life" in a reliable and fast phase.

Global logistic operation system:

To develop and construct a global logistic operation system, Chenming established its base of operation in Mainland China, it established the Chenming Electronics Factory in Dongguang, China in 1997 as the manufacturing and production base. Chenming has its head office in Neihu, Taipei, primarily handling the administrative management, sales, R&D, and financial operation center, and meanwhile is in the key city for R&D. A special satellite line is set between the factories at Taipei, China and the local and foreign customers for the Internet and video conferencing contact system, and provides a quick and flexible instant service to customers. Moreover, Chenming uses KPI to drive reward system, and uses Balanced Score Card to implement performance appraisal for transmitting its "built to last" culture.

Latest technology and best quality:

Chenming values every key technology, and constantly introduces new instruments and the best people to build up the strength of an independent R&D team. With years of operation experience, Chenming realizes that the key of product competitiveness lies on quality, and the quality operation starts from the very beginning of the research and development in conjunction with performing strict tests and examinations by advanced precision instruments, such that the quality of Chenming's products is recognized by our partners. Chenming has received the Best Quality Contribution Award and the Best Long-term Partner Contribution Award by HP, the No. 1 Overall Service Operation of the Global Server OEM Manufacturer by IBM, the Best Supplier awarded by FIC, etc. All these show the best assurance of our quality. Chenming possesses a group of experienced R&D engineers to meet fast growing demand of quality and production capacity of different local and foreign OEM and ODM customers, thus making Chenming a world-famous computer system manufacturer in desktop, server, and notebook system production and manufacturing.

Integrity, information sharing, risk taking, delight associate and creativity are Chenming's corporate values that drive Chenming to grab trends and opportunities. Under the efforts put in by the entire staff, the overall business performance in 1999 was listed in the local professional finance and economics magazine as No. 263 of Taiwan's Top 1000 Corporations and promoted to No. 151 in 2000 and listed as No. 33 of the Top 100 Technological Companies Chenming further leaped to No. 210 of the Taiwan's Top 1000 Corporations in 2001. The promotion in actual performance every year is the evidence of the efforts of the entire staff of Chenming. Facing future development, Chenming has immeasurable confidence and motive to continue its investment on people and research and development as its key mission, integrating and expanding product lines. We expect to be one of the successful leading manufacturers in the 3C industry in the near future.


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