HWTrek Corporation is the company operating this Website (the "Company" or "HWTrek"). This Website comprehends www.hwtrek.com, and all its subdomains and services offered through them by the Company.

All personal data collected by the Company through the Website will only be used internally to streamline the services.

By using this Website, you authorize the collection and use of the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy (the "Policy").

HWTrek might modify this Policy and if so, we will let you know via a website notification.

What kind of data is collected?

  • Your IP (Internet Protocol) address, the browser you use to visit our site (Firefox, Chrome, IE or others), the time/date, and also pages visited throughout the Site.

  • Your personal information: what you input when you register for an account. Depending on the type of account your are signing up for (Creator, Smart Customer or Expert) or if, as a visitor, you submit any kind of information to the site, that may include your full name, phone number, email, your company’s name and URL, personal URL and job title.

  • Your log in and password details for this Website.

  • Details of requests and transactions made by you through this Website.

  • Messages, emails or any kind of communication you send to us through the Website.

What do we do with this data?

We use it for administering your account on the Website, sending you information we consider relevant to you and your business, contacting you in regard to any request you have made through the Website, and for analyzing and improving our services. You will always be able to unsubscribe from our emails and notifications.

All the information about your IP, browser, pages visited, and time and date of your sessions, is used to monitor and analyze the use of our Site for technical administration, to increase UI functionality and user-friendliness.

Creators will receive their contributors email addresses if the product reaches the order value goal, but they will not receive, from the Company or HWTrek, any of their payment information.


Some of the data is stored on cookies. For instance, HWTrek uses them to help recognize you as a regular visitor (persistent cookies). Persistent cookies sit in your computer and are used for automatic log-ins and authentication, and basically all of your preference settings.

You can change your browser’s cookie settings if you don’t want the Site to collect this data, but this may affect your experience on www.hwtrek.com.

Public Space

Any kind of content you post to the Website such as comments, questions, photos, videos and any other kind of material and information you publicly share on www.hwtrek.com, will be available on it and can be used by other users.

Some other things you need to know

We don't share your private information with any third party. However, if required by law, and we consider it necessary to protect the interests of the Company and/or those of the Users of HWTrek, we will disclose your personal information and, if permitted, we will notify you.

If you link your HWTrek account with any social networking site (SNS) such as Facebook or LinkedIn, your personal information will be shared for registration purposes only, and vice versa, depending on what your privacy settings are with your SNS provider.

Some users may post links to other sites. We can’t moderate them all, so if you find something inappropriate, PLEASE contact us.

If you think your information is being abused or misused, please contact us.