HWTrek Project Development Hub

Your collaboration base to define the future of your product.

The HWTrek Hub was built with the purpose of empowering you as a hardware creator, providing you with all the intelligent tools, connections and industry know-how needed to guide your project to success.

To ensure you follow the best path to market, the Hub questionnaire assesses your project’s unique requirements, and maps your development from here.

Develop, Drive and Deliver from one place

The HWTrek Project Development Hub evolves with your product, providing guidance when needed and helping you to make informed decisions about the path you take.

We map your unique schedule. Opening the fast track from concept to market.
You overcome challenges and make informed decisions with industry support.
Hardware fans experience the next hot product the way you envisioned it.

From the information you submit to the questionnaire, the Hub creates a preliminary schedule, giving you an idea of all the tasks which lie ahead.

Destiny is not a matter of chance;
it is a matter of choice...

The HWTrek Hub Experience

Here’s how the Hub helps you navigate from idea to execution.

Share your Vision
Describe your project so the Hub can do the work for you. The Hub questionnaire assesses the specific needs of your project and outlines a preliminary schedule showing you the tasks which lie ahead.
Next Level Development
We bring our industry guidance to your schedule, with our experienced project managers fine-tuning your path to market, organizing tasks for maximum efficiency, and adding invaluable guidance on how to complete each task.
Manage your Project
The Hub brings together all your project information in one place, enabling you to easily share information among your team, organize tasks to suit your needs, and oversee your progress - without the stress.
Drive Forwards with Experts
Don’t let your project stall. Keep your progress moving forwards by identifying challenging tasks ahead, then inviting design and manufacturing Experts from the HWTrek community to collaborate with you.
Get to Market
You’ve created a hot new product on-time, on-budget, and most importantly with the wow-factor you envisaged. Now it’s time to unleash it to the world!
Keep it Going
Once you’ve delivered something awesome to the hardware world, take your ideas further. Manage the demand of your new product, feedback from the market, and grow your business on the Hub.

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...it is not a thing to be waited for;
it is a thing to be achieved.

To get your project on the fast track to the shelves begin by describing your product vision