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The HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2016 is a member exclusive event designed to connect innovators from around the world. On the Tour, you‘ll visit manufacturing facilities, discuss hardware development processes with leading manufacturers, and gain valuable marketing insights to enter the Asian markets. The Tour - the 4th since 2014 - will journey to Shenzhen, Kyoto, and Osaka to enter the heart of manufacturing, and learn the art of production from the masters.


Nov. 02 (Wed.) - Nov. 08 (Tue.), 2016



Grow Your Supply Chain

Meet Potential Partners, Discover New Opportunities

Get ready for an action-packed journey to Shenzhen - China‘s Silicon Valley - and Kyoto and Osaka - the heart of Japanese high tech and precision manufacturing. You will pitch, demo, and network with a range of professionals from top-tier companies at member exclusive events. Acquire knowledge of production methods and form potential partnerships that would otherwise be unattainable when you visit professionals including:

technology companies visit Technology companies
mechanical factories visit Mechanical factories
prototyping design houses visit Prototyping design houses
components suppliers visit Components suppliers
Asia Innovation Tour

Last Event Attendees

30+ global IoT innovators met 1,000+ supply chain professionals in China.

HWTrek Asia Inovation Tour 2016 Q1 attendees
HWTrek Asia Inovation Tour 2016 Q1 attendees


Go Beyond Virtual
- meet HWTrek members from around the world

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Your Hardware, The Ultimate Experience
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