HWTrek’s In-person Experience

Kickstarting the Next Generation of Supply Chain Interaction

To connect members beyond digital channels, the HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour took place April 8-12, 2014 and brought together 30 promising startups on a journey to Taipei and Beijing, meeting our partners and supply networks.This tour inspired collaboration between startups and manufacturers. Both parties gained insight on each other’s work and spirit; this understanding helps to accelerate development, and deliver quality products. The real connections made on the tour further empowered like-minded teams to grow and learn as part of the community.

It Began With You & HWTrek

To achieve great things all you need is an organized space to exchange and stimulate ideas between talented groups of people.

With the Asia Innovation Tour, Creators introduced their innovations to leading manufacturers, and expressed the potential bottlenecks which stand in the way of getting to market. In return, manufacturing experts demonstrated their latest solutions and technologies which support delivery of these next-generation products.

It’s this mutual feedback which embodies the HWTrek spirit; helping bring products to life - from idea to execution.

More Than Dialogue

Through the interaction and dialogue during the tour, we hope to ignite new, exciting ideas and foster collaboration between inventors [Creators] and highly experienced manufacturers and suppliers with strong capabilities. - Lucas Wang, CEO and Co-founder of HWTrek

To foster this kind of collaboration, the tour built on dialogue with concrete experience of world-class manufacturing facilities, processes and production lines. This first-hand experience provided startups with insight into the manufacturing environment and supply chain ecosystem, helping them to make informed decisions.

Uniting Online and Offline

Exchanging emails and video conferencing have their benefits, but there’s nothing like getting connected in person and making that handshake.

On the tour, startups not only had a rare opportunity to meet with seasoned manufacturers in-person, but they also got to take center stage - presenting their projects.

It’s also great to be able to network with the other hardware companies going through the same processes as us right now, and it’s great that HWTrek is able to connect companies like us with the manufacturers to potentially make partnerships. - Mike Kasparian, CTO of Atlas Wearables

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Bringing Together the HWTrek Community

They [HWTrek] created a huge community of people so that we’ve had a chance to meet the guys from production, investors, and organizations who help startups. I think it’s a really amazing idea.

- Zagrebins Parvels, CEO and Co-founder of Grow On.
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AIRTAME is an HDMI dongle you can plug into any TV, projector or monitor, power up through USB and wirelessly stream your computer screen to.

$1,268,332 pre-orders received.

Jen McCabe runs the Nimbus Portfolio, an allocation of Tony Hsieh`s Vegas Tech Fund devoted to hardware.

She leads seed and early stage investments in robotics, drones, hardware-as-a-service, connected devices, health peripherals, internet of things, interactive play, and smart home companies...

I think HWTrek has been the most amazing trip we’ve taken so far – it’s highly organized, [and] we’ve met many executives and engineers of all the contract manufacturers.

- Yobie Benjamin, CSO and COO of Avegant

The details in this manufacturing tour experience gave insights on the importance and each steps and resources required to build startup's concepts to quality product. It's a great opportunity to startups, peak into the process they need to be aware of and plan ahead.

- DK Lee, Director of Program Management of HWTrek

This Spring, 30 creators and prominent experts came together to share the in-person HWTrek experience with this event. Be part of the HWTrek experience, Sign up today.


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