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Build hardware with Resources

Outline your Project to get advice, plan your production and launch into markets with community resources.

Project management with on-demand resources

Get resources matching your requirements and manage your Project on the HWTrek Hub.

Connect with supply chain partners

From IC design to retailers, the entire supply chain is represented on the platform.

Integrating online and offline experiences

HWTrek takes you in the field to connect with selected industry Experts face-to-face.

Power the development from idea to execution

Enrolled Projects in each phase

HWTrek provides premium professional sourcing and management services for Projects at any phase. Our experienced in-house Project Management (PM) team oversees your tasks and drives your Project down the right path:
  1. Design feasibility
  2. Sourcing suitable partners
  3. Project management
  4. Marketing, funding, or channel
Leverage HWTrek team's extensive experience to enhance your development.
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Accelerate your Project progress

Discuss with Experts
The Expert community are leading industry figures who give feedback, and can hook you up with the right solutions and contacts.
Source Solutions
Solutions are quality products and services from Experts. If you need a reputable manufacturing service, or a WiFi module, you can source it with ease.
Build a pro team
Click Manage Collaborators when viewing your Project. Here you can build a team to support your development, invite Collaborators, and set access levels.
The Hub gives custom production plans for each Project, and supports you to plan your way to market with Collaborators and suppliers.
Search for Experts and discover venture capital connections on HWTrek. Present your Project to them and get funding for your production.
Keep your Project stage up to date. When you’re ready to manufacture, you’ll get chance to access sales channels across Asian markets.
HWTrek’s legally binding ToC agreement safeguards your intellectual property.
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