What is HWTrek?

The industry is changing. Here’s how we’re doing it.

HWTrek (Hardware Trek) is a unique home for connecting hardware enthusiasts around the world - an ecosystem where hardware Creators, industry Experts and smart Customers come together, boosting the development of hardware projects and delivering next-level products to market.

It can be challenging for new hardware makers to navigate industry certifications, troubleshoot problems, source parts and find reliable manufacturers. Teams in the maker movement are finding that without the right connections, their projects are running over time, and falling short on quality. Similarly, Experts have hardware solutions, components, insight and services. But, finding the right teams to connect with can be difficult.

On the HWTrek software as a service (SaaS) platform, whether you’re a Creator or an Expert, you’ll discover all the tools and resources needed to connect with the right business partner and collaborate together. It’s this supportive framework that speeds up development cycles, saves time, money, and delivers a quality product to backers.

For those seeking a hands-on service to complete the online and offline aspects of hardware development, our dedicated project managers can take the stress out of your journey; orchestrating a symphony of suppliers, manufacturers and testing facilities while you focus on what really matters - your product.

Creator or Expert

What's your role?

seasoned expert

Experts use HWTrek to connect, showcase and keep their fingers on the pulse of hardware innovation - from on-paper to in-production.

New prospects search your solutions

Present Skills

Connect to Prospects

Manage Collaborations

Sell Solutions

HWTrek gives you a great stage to present the skills and achievements your brand has established in the hardware industry. After registering your account you’ll have a profile featured on our Experts panel, showcasing the specialist experience you or your firm have, and the fields of the industry you operate in. This helps you raise your brand awareness among the growing maker movement and stay on top of industry trends.
With our hardware-only platform you’ll discover a focused channel to connect with tomorrow’s big project teams, today. By browsing Project Drafts, you can find early-stage Creators in your industry segment and connect with them to introduce your core skills and services. Together, you can create products built to the high quality and functionality required to be competitive and make the large shipments you both want.
The HWTrek Project Development Hub is an industry navigation tool used to organize projects and drive their progress forwards. Hot Creators can share stages of their project schedule with you, and invite you to collaborate with them. You’ll be able to organize selected areas of their schedule according to the expertise you hold, and assist Creators to smoothly incorporate your service and technologies into their production plan.
You’ll also be able to create Solutions to showcase your specialist technologies and services which can be purchased by Creators. These Solutions can include design and manufacturing services, or technologies including modules, sensors, and development boards. Creators can browse and purchase these through HWTrek and utilize them to boost their project's development. HWTrek can also assist collaborations by suggesting appropriate Solutions to match Creators' projects.
awesome creator

Creators use HWTrek to plan, develop and launch exciting hardware projects – from idea to execution.

Creators are connecting one-to-one

Create Project

Get Support

Harness the Hub

Deliver to Market

On HWTrek you’ll be able to launch and develop your beloved hardware projects, whether concept, prototype, or further down the line. As creating a great product takes a lot more than just funding, you’ll find a range of tools and resources specifically designed for developing hardware projects from idea to execution.
To boost your development you’ll be able to connect with industry Experts and gain feedback, product Solutions, vetted services and components. The collaborations you make here will save you time, stress and money en-route to market.

For that extra hand, our premium Dedicated Project Manager service can give you a tech-world Indiana Jones, personally guiding you through the industry maze, sourcing partners from around the world, and delivering your product safely through the other side.
The HWTrek Project Development Hub is a smart navigation tool, which assists you with planning your upcoming tasks and overseeing the progress of your project. By linking your project to the Hub, you’ll get a customized schedule plan mapping your unique path to market, and additional resources to organize your team and collaborators.
When you’ve developed a working prototype, you’ll also be able to pre-sell your product through HWTrek’s crowdfunding feature. This helps you reach a base of thousands of hardware enthusiasts, raise funds for your first manufacturing run, and build some sweet pre-launch media attention.

HWTrek Project Development Hub

A smart navigation system to develop, drive, and deliver your projects from one place.


Make the Connection

  • Create your Project, conveying your hardware idea and the stage you’re at.
  • Line up Experts with the skills and services you need.
  • Get connected to your chosen Experts by firing off a message and engaging them.
Bring my idea to life

Make the Product

  • Get your development plan through the Hub and organize your upcoming task queues.
  • Invite your Experts to seamlessly integrate their services to your development plan.
  • Manage it with ease - all your collaborations, Solutions and Project Managers in one organized space.

Meet our team

It’s not just hot innovations you’ll find at HWTrek!

Lucas, CEO



Martin, Project Mentor


Chief Project Mentor

Vivienne, VP of Platform Operations


VP of Platform Operations

Roger, VP of Supply Chain


VP of Supply Chain

DK, Director of Project Management


Director of Project Management

Joe, Senior Project Manager


Senior Project Manager

Siegfried, Project Manager


Project Manager

Vicky, Supply Chain Development Manager


Supply Chain Development Manager

Cindy, Business Development Manager


Business Development Manager

Changtsong, Director of Project Management


Director of Project Management

Rorschach, Director of Supply Chain Development


Director of Supply Chain Development

Ken, Project Manager


Project Manager

Demi, Supply Chain Development Manager


Supply Chain Development Manager

Julie, Project Development Manager


Project Development Manager

Serena, Project Manager


Project Manager

Agne, Digital Marketing Director


Digital Marketing Director

William, Digital Engagement Director


Digital Engagement Director

Jack, Director of Project Development


Director of Project Development

Jessie, Business Development Director


Business Development Director

Mandy, Project Development / Marketing Manager


Project Development / Marketing Manager

Danly, Business Development Manager


Account & Admin Specialist

Kristine, Finance Manager


Finance Manager

Keith, Lead Developer


Lead Developer

Hank, Backend Developer


Backend Developer

Sylvia, Junior Web Back-end Developer


Junior Backend Developer

Keven, Junior Web Back-end Developer


Junior Backend Developer

Chialin, Senior Web Front-end Developer


Senior Frontend Developer

James, Web Front-end Developer


Frontend Developer

Petter, Junior Web Content Copywriter


Junior Copywriter

Cindy, UI designer


UI Designer

Grayson, Junior Art Designer


Junior Art Designer

Alvin, Project Mentor


Project Mentor

Our journey so far

HWTrek joins Amazon Launchpad Services Hub

Amazon Launchpad Services Hub helps startups of all sizes discover services they might need at any stage in the product life cycle – from prototyping to manufacturing to marketing to accounting, all from companies that are eager to work with startups. Amazon Services Hub

Featured on SZTV News

Discussing how the online platform facilitates suppliers to grow their network.

HWTrek in SZTV News

Keynote at China Hardware Innovation Workshop

Efficiently connect to manufacturing and supply chain resources.

HWTrek in China Hardware Innovation

Keynote at Global Sources Workshop

From makers to markets - how to select your hardware manufacturing partners.

HWTrek in Global sources workshop

HWTrek at Computex 2016

Enter the new IoT era with supply chain service 4.0. Lucas Wang as keynote speaker at the biggest ICT event in Asia. Digitimes Report (CH)HWTrek @ Computex 2016

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2016

Online and offline experiences merged as 30+ Creators & 1,000+ Experts gathered for a journey into the heart of hardware innovation. Recap the JourneyAsia Innovation Tour 2016

Connect to the Global IoT Market event in Osaka

HWTrek organized an insightful discussion on global IoT market trends and opportunities.

HWTrek in Osaka

SXSW Interactive 2016

HWTrek was at SXSW in Austin, TX, to speak about how to tackle common hardware manufacturing problems.

HWTrek at SXSW 2016

Supply Chain Workshops in Portugal & Slovenia

We continued our initiative to host supply chain workshops with partners throughout the world. This time we engaged with hardware innovators in Lisbon and Ljubljana.

CeBIT 2016

We were engaging with hardware startups at CeBIT, the biggest digital business event in Germany.

HWTrek at CeBIT 2016

Sharing IoT insights in Seattle & Portland

HWTrek co-hosted a series of workshops in the USA where innovators learned how to effectively use tools for growth.

CES 2016

HWTrek was in Las Vegas for CES 2016 connecting with the world of technology.

HWTrek at CES 2016HWTrek at CES 2016HWTrek at CES 2016

HWTrek at Makers Boot Camp Demo Day

We checked the pulse of the hardware startup scene in Japan at Makers Boot Camp in Kyoto.

HWTrek at Makers Boot Camp

Autodesk University 2015

As part of HWTrek's partnership with Autodesk, Lucas Wang sat on the panel at Autodesk University 2015.

HWTrek at Autodesk University 2015

HWTrek + Autodesk

HWTrek and Autodesk team up to accelerate IoT designs into production.

HWTrek team up with Autodesk

HWTrek Workshop in Europe

We hosted supply chain workshops in the UK, Germany, Estonia and Lithuania, which addressed issues faced by hardware Creators.

HWTrek Workshop in Europe

The EYE program with Google & HWTrek

HWTrek co-hosted the Google EYE program roadshow in Taipei where Lucas Wang shared our journey with young entrepreneurs.

Lucas Wang at Google EYE

HWTrek Meetup - Shenzhen

200 local and global industry Experts came to our first Shenzhen meetup to share wisdom on how to tap into the latest IoT trends. Recap the Meetup (CH)

HWTrek Meetup - Shenzhen


HWTrek was at the CEATEC trade show in Tokyo engaging with industry Experts and hardware Creators.

HWTrek at CEATEC 2015

TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

HWTrek was engaging with global hardware stars at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

HWTrek at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2015

30 Creators, 500+ Experts, 2 cities in 4 days - your hardware journey. Recap the event

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2015

Microsoft launch BizSpark in partnership with HWTrek to accelerate hardware development

BizSpark provides software, technology, and community resources to support start-up businesses. This includes free Azure cloud computing resources worth US$120,000 a year.

Find out moreBizSpark Network Logo

Sharing ideas on the Internet of Things

HWTrek hosted a developer workshop on the IoT – Wireless Communication Solutions in Sunnyvale, California.

HWTrek at the IoT workshop in California

HWTrek provides resources and tools that fosters hardware startup development

Read the interview (JP) with Lucas WangThe HWTrek platform

HWTrek secure a strategic $4 million Series A funding

We are excited to have made important alliances that enables us to take our platform to the next level and accelerate our mission to create an ecosystem of hardware innovation.
Read more here

Shenzhen Maker Faire 2015 with JD+ - A celebration of the Maker movement, we checked out what the Makers are creating and what they are learning.

HWTrek + Indiegogo Demo Day in Taipei

We were honored to host Indiegogo at this special meetup with makers in Taiwan. A great turnout and opportunity to explore possibilities on hardware crowdfunding.

Lucas Wang introducing the Indiegogo Meetup to the crowdIndiegogo's Ben Bateman engaging the crowd at the meetup

swocket won a spot on the Asia Innovation Tour 2015 at BETAPITCH | Berlin

Congrats to the Berlin-based startup on winning a ticket to Asia where HWTrek will connect them with industry experts.

swocket pitching their concept at BETAPITCH | Berlin
Wearable World Congress 2015 in San Francisco

Fireside chat with HWTrek - We were chatting with you at the Wearable World Congress 2015 in San Francisco.

2015 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Taipei

Lucas Wang was on the panel discussing crowdfunding and how valuable resources can support this movement. Read More

Lucas Wang on the panel at 2015 IEFT
The Next Web USA 2014 in New York

We were in New York talking to startups at... #TNWUSA

HWTrek Hub x crowdfunding success

This month we've got two reasons to celebrate. We hit a new milestone connecting 100 qualified Experts to give projects a boost, and together two of our Hub-connected teams, Hooke and Mozbii, just raised over $200,000 with 1,500 backers through crowdfunding!

PDH tool put into execution - "HWTrek to bring wireless 3D headphone to market after Kickstarter success" Read article

New partnership - Kii forged partnerships with HWTrek to further simplify the development of IoT solutions for manufacturers and startups. Read article

24th Monte Jade Annual Science and Technology Conference

Lucas Wang introduces thoughts on how to bring a new generation of hardware at this year’s conference examining future trends of technology at Mountain View, California.

HWTrek Monte Jade 2014

HWTrek Project Development Hub, a software-as-a-service tool, that specially addresses to hardware development challenges and provide guidance from build to delivery. Choosing remote-collaboration software

HWTrek Project Development Hub

APEC Accelerator Network Summit 2014

Lucas Wang shares expertise and experience on the issue of “Smart Globalization”, “Internet of Things Technology” and “Wellness, life and Sustainable future”. Read article

APEC Accelerator Network Summit 2014

TechCrunch Beijing

HWTrek meets the next wave of startups as an exhibitor in Beijing.

TechCrunch Beijing 2014

HWTrek’s Hub Brings Projects to Completion Explore how

HWTrek might be every hardware maker’s dream come true... Find out why

The New HWTrek Guides Hardware Projects From Idea to Production in Asia Read article

HWTrek’s Project Development Hub launched

The platform just got even better. We launched the Hub, making it easier to organize and collaborate on your hardware projects - develop, drive and deliver projects from one place. More about the Hub

Hardware platform HWTrek named Cool Vendor by Gartner Find out how cool we are

Computex Taipei

Lucas Wang, takes the stage at Asia’s largest ICT trade show, sharing the latest opportunities for manufacturers in the wearable industry.

Computex Taipei 2014Computex Taipei 2014

TechCrunch Disrupt NY

Meeting new hardware enthusiasts as an exhibitor at the heart of Hardware Alley.

Hardware Alley@TechCrunch Disrupt NY

Betapitch | Berlin

Another proud moment, taking a seat on the judging panel of Betahaus’s Betapitch startup competition - the place for creative startups in Europe.


Hardware Startups Lab, London

It was great to share our insight on the complexities of bringing new hardware to market. We’ll be back, London!

Hardware Startups Lab, London

EE Live!

Celebrating engineering innovation, HWTrek headed over to San Jose, sharing our solutions as an official exhibitor.

EE Live!EE Live!

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2014

30 startups, 70 experts, 1 brilliant journey. Recap the event

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2014HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2014HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2014

Q&A: HWTrek, Taiwan’s answer to Kickstarter. Read article

This Asian crowdfunding site could beat Kickstarter with direct OEM relationships. Read article

Hy! Berlin

Proud to be a keynote speaker at the hy! summit, we revealed how to “kickstart hardware - from prototyping to funding to production”.

Hy! Berlin

SF Hardware Startup Meetup Sponsored by HWTrek

Getting closer with creators around the world, HWTrek headed over to San Francisco to meet the maker scene first hand.

SF Hardware Startup Meetup

Internet of Things Barcelona MWC

From US to EU, exciting hardware is being developed everywhere. We checked out the innovations coming out of Spain and presented our collaborative solutions. Watch the video

IoT Barcelona MWC

HWTrek's Berlin Office Opened

Bringing HWTrek closer to the innovative teams across Europe, we opened our Berlin office. One down, many more to go!

HWTrek's Berlin Office

HWTrek partners with over 130 manufacturers for hardware crowdfunding. Read article

HWTrek and the global platform for hardware entrepreneurs. Read article

HWTrek’s Official Launch - marking a new era for hardware.

Bringing a new paradigm for hardware development, we celebrated our official launch. Thank you to all those involved!

HWTrek Public Beta Launched

From the end of 2013 came new beginnings for the way hardware is made.

Hardware crowdfunding grows up and out of Kickstarter with new specialized platforms. Read article

HWTrek, a Kickstarter-esque hardware crowdfunding service, launches in public beta. Read article

TechCrunch Shanghai - New opportunities for hardware

Touching down in Shanghai, Lucas Wang, HWTrek CEO, joined the panel to discuss new manufacturing opportunities, and the importance of finding a partner that fits. More on the discussion

On the panel at TechCrunch Shanghai

Kickstarter + Alibaba = HWTrek Read article

New crowdfunding platform gives hardware innovators realistic production sources. Read article

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