An ecosystem where Experts and Customers join Creators bringing great hardware designs to life

Supporting your hardware design from idea to execution


An ecosystem where Experts and Customers join Creators bringing great hardware designs to life

Connecting your business solutions directly to prospects

Your Itinerary on HWTrek


Create at your pace

Kick off your journey at a starting point which fits your current stage. If you’re still bringing the pieces together, begin with Develop my hardware project and get resources to build your product. If you already have a strong working prototype and you’re almost ready to launch, jump to Crowdfund my product to start pre-selling. Whether project or campaign, you’ve got a place to create your innovation with style.

Develop with Expert mentors

You’ve outlined your awesome idea, and you’re eager to bring it to market. The Resource pool on HWTrek is a great knowledge base to assist you with making the next step. The Expert members found here have experience from all corners of the industry. Solicit advice from these mentors to plan the details of your product before diving into the execution process. It’s this smart preparation that boosts your results.

Collaborate with ease

With your consolidated idea, it’s time to source your parts and bring it all together. If you're the lone ranger type, take a DIY route to access the network of suppliers, designers and manufacturers and the Solutions they provide. Alternatively, you can team up with our personal project managers. They deliver a hands-on service to steer, connect and accelerate your project through the industry.

Project Development Hub

Your product is starting to take shape, now it’s time to line up your path to market. Connect to the Project Development Hub to receive your customized production plan and additional resources for navigating production challenges. You’ll be able to organize project tasks, integrate chosen Solutions into your schedule with ease, and keep your team in battle formation. It’s management made easy.

Fund and deliver

Everything’s come together into a strong working prototype and now it’s time to hit the market. But with HWTrek, you hit the market running. Tap into venture capital connections, or launch your HWTrek crowdfunding campaign. This helps you fund your first manufacturing run, while growing your fanbase and media attention. Dispatch your orders, party, then clean up. You’ve got a business to run.

Showcase your business Solutions

Launching cutting-edge technologies and tapping into a world of innovation has never been easier. Create your Solution to present your hardware services and products. This gives you a visible space to display your brand identity and business focus the way you want. Just describe your component or service and connect it to the HWTrek marketplace.

Advance your media reach

Finding prospects at the right stage for partnership can take up valuable time and resources. With HWTrek, you can boost your reach to new leads in an innovative way. Build up your Expert profile and Solutions portfolio to let new Creator teams learn about your brand and the services you provide. Each Solution, update and message raises customer awareness of your brand, and your visibility on the Experts panel.

Collaborate with the next big thing

Your boosted reach lets you be found by new Creators, but that’s only one half of the coin. HWTrek’s sourcing network lets you be proactive and Discover early-stage projects which are looking for proposals. For additional leads, you can also speak to our sourcing and PM team to hop on our exclusive partner list.

Project Development Hub

The Project Development Hub helps you manage and track all your business partnerships from one space. Discuss specifications, update project schedules, oversee their development, and seamlessly integrate your Solutions into their production plans. This cloud-based tool gives you the oversight, and gives your partner the support to take products to market smoothly.

Market validation

Your business partnerships are coming to fruition, and now it’s time to prepare for the large shipments you both want. Turn your prospects into clients, as they begin pre-selling products with a HWTrek crowdfunding campaign or tap into VC funding. This stage fires up production lines, and contributes to the market validation of your partnership - giving you the ability to forecast demand and plan ahead.

Projects & Campaigns

Hardware innovations go through two stages based on their maturity. Still working on your concept, sourcing parts and refining your PCB? Start by developing a hardware project then progress your way to a funding campaign. If you have a well-developed working prototype and you’re ready to turn your project into a product, jump straight to crowdfunding and rock the world.

Platform Security & Controls

We value each and every innovation on HWTrek. Our Terms of Confidentiality and SSL encryption help protect private information you send to Experts, and the server. While accessibility settings and private sharing links give you full control over who you share your project with.

Expert Resource Pool

The HWTrek resource pool comprises of mentors and company representatives with components and services in manufacturing, marketing, venture capital, distribution, product safety and testing. Jump in to discover the Expert community and their Solutions.

Connections made Simple

After creating, your unique page provides a great tool to promote your work to interested parties, and opens the door to collaboration. Not sure if you need an engineer, designer or contract manufacturer? No worries, as you update your requirements the platform pairing mechanism brings forward suitable partners from the community - helping establish connections that work.

Customized Production Plan

The Project Development Hub in an intelligent planning system, built to empower you as a hardware Creator. The Hub’s brain analyzes your requirements and maps a unique production plan for your innovation. Once you know where you’re going, the Hub then helps you get there - evolving with your project to provide guidance and help you make informed decisions about the path you take.

Funding for your Product

Tap into two funding sources to support turning your idea into the next big thing. Choose to launch a HWTrek campaign to crowdfund your product and start making presales for your first batch. Or, use your project page to present your work and development to attract venture capital firms from the Expert panel.

Reaching your Destination with Personal Project Managers

HWTrek also provides a premium service, in addition to the platform tools, delivering personal support for your product through our Project Management (PM) team.

Makers, Suppliers, Investors and Backers.
We put you on the same page and take you to market.

Developing hardware on a mass scale requires seamlessly bridging different parties along the supply chain. This also includes bridging the cultural and communication gaps between Creators and various vendors, and overseeing the tasks that link everybody together.

Sourcing, Negotiating, Manufacturing.
It’s second nature to them.

Our project managers have a wealth of experience and shared passion for bringing hardware to life from all niches of the industry. From this experience they’ve become some of the best connected PM’s in the industry with developed programs and a diverse portfolio.

Custom support for your stage

The HWTrek premium sourcing program holds your hand through the RFQ process, and includes feasibility evaluation, vendor negotiation, and quality auditing.

The HWTrek premium management program gives you a complete manufacturing management service, taking you from manufacturing kickoff to mass production, and includes the monitoring of vendor's daily operations, as well as providing expertise on schedule and technical issues.

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Pre-flight checklist

Project Criteria

Projects launched on HWTrek must be physical products, have a clear function and fit within one of these categories: Wearables, Industrial Applications, Sports, Toys / Games, Cameras / Audio & Video, Family / Home Automation, Mobile Device Accessories, Auto, Health, and Science.

Solution Criteria

Solutions promoted through HWTrek can be services, technologies or components, but must be relevant to developing hardware. You must be able to demonstrate how your Solution can help facilitate hardware development, and when purchased, it must be delivered in the agreed period of time.

User Accountability

Whether launching a Project or a Solution, you are responsible for all the information you submit through HWTrek. You must own the intellectual property of any information submitted, and be legally entitled to develop and sell all hardware, technologies and services you present.

Code of Conduct

When connecting with members, remember to introduce yourself, your role in the industry, and the purpose of your message. Refrain from using inappropriate language or advertising non-relevant services and products. A little courtesy goes a long way!